Open Finance APIs that financially connect you across borders

The easiest way to access cross-border financial data and embed cross-border payments of trusted brands into your applications.

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Kaoshi enables financial institutions to easily access cross-border financial data and embed cross-border payments into their consumer and business applications.

Embedded Cross-border Remittance

Offer your customers access to a remittance service marketplace, allowing them to shop and switch between cross-border remittance service providers to get the best remittance service at any given time.


  • Competitive Rates and Fees
  • Shop Across Various Remittance Services
  • Cross-border Payment Initiation
  • Remittance Account Information Service

Cross-Border Payment Collection for Merchants

Allow your merchants in emerging markets collect payments from their customers across borders, using cross-border remittance services as alternative payment methods to international debit card processing.


  • Same Day Settlement of Funds
  • More Reliable than International Debit Card Processing in Emerging Markets
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Payments Collection

Gig Economy Platform Payments

Allow freelancers to easily link their digital wallets to their gig economy platforms.


  • Account Owner Verification
  • Programmatic Disbursement
  • Gig Payroll Insight
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Kaoshi works with institutions of all sizes ranging from small fintechs, banks and credit unions, merchant aggregators and gig-economy platforms to enable them embed cross-border payments into their applications.